darsh | Enstatic case study
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The Brief

Enstatic approached us with a problem that had been spotted within the utilities sector. Working alongside one of the big utility companies we were required to deliver a solution that would reduce millions of pounds in energy waste, nationwide.


Enstatic were a seed, looking for a company to collaborate with. After several strategy meetings we aligned their vision and delivered a brand that represented their business. Enstatic was born.



We worked alongside the utility company to ensure we had a full understanding of the issue. This allowed us to start investigating the technology that would lead on to reduce energy costs by £millions.

  • Technology

    Heating was being used in unmanned buildings, all year round. Energy was being wasted and we needed to find a way of enabling remote control of the heaters, with no internet access.

  • User

    We shadowed several members of staff to ensure we had a full understanding of the requirements and the problem. This lead onto us highlighting further issues that we were able to solve.

The Solution

We created a management system That allowed enstatic to control the temperature in each site using sms to send commands. Their branded website can be seen here. The iOs app was also launched and is available to download on the Apple App Store.


the result

The system has been fully adopted by the pilot company and has achieved incredible results. Enstatic are looking to roll the system out across several of the other big 6 utility companies in Jan 2015.

  • 80%

    The company will see 72.5% saving during winter and 100% saving during summer on fixed heating costs, looking at an average 80% reduction across the year.

  • 500k

    Energy costs will be reduced by half a million across the first year of adoption. This will only increase as our system is used in more sites.

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    Happier Planet

    Not only has the project been a fantastic business success we feel proud to of made a difference in creating a greener world. Something we should all be working towards.

happy client


Working with the guy's at darsh was the best decision we could of made. Still amazed at how far they've taken our company.